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Charity auctioneer Lorna Kelly frequently speaks on a variety of spiritual topics and is known throughout the world as a charity auctioneer and motivational speaker.

She is also an author of two books. The most recent book, In the Footsteps of the Camel is a riveting personal account of the many unusual events and experiences of Lorna Kelly spanning recent years. This latest volume is a follow up to Lorna’s first book The Camel Knows the Way.

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In addition, Lorna was the first female fine art auctioneer in America at Sotheby's, and she continues to work as a charity auctioneer at charity auction events.

To schedule an auction, charity auction or speaking engagement, or just to send a message, please contact Lorna.


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Lorna Kelly
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“Success is not what I have achieved, but
what I have overcome.” 
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Spiritual Book: The Camel Knows the Way The Camel
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Spiritual Book In the Footsteps of the Camel In the
Footsteps of
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