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Well here we are - March already!

Actually, right now I'm feeling somewhat bereft, I have been obsessed with the television show: The West Wing, I've been watching it for months and yesterday I finished all seven seasons - all 151 episodes. I feel the characters are my friends and that somewhere, on another dimension they're all living out their jobs in the White House. What a fantastic series - I'm so glad I was able to get all the discs and was able to watch it episode after episode without any commercial interruptions.

I'm not feeling so jolly these days, in fact somewhat depressed - I think it's called Winter. It's been very cold here in New York and when it's like this everyone seems to want to hunker down - there's little socializing.

Of course it hasn't been all gloomy, I have engaged a young woman to do my social media for me. I know it's the way to go but I just find it all too much - I learn something and then promptly forget it so it's good to have someone just take over and do it for me.

Now, I at least I feel I'm in sync with what I should be doing promoting myself to get work. Stuff has gone out on Facebook and Twitter and in April there will be a few interviews on You Tube - me talking about recovery or different aspects of alcoholism. Also she has dug up old interviews from my Sotheby days and will be posting those too.

Just hope something comes of all this exposure! Feels a tad weird but I simply must do it in order to get work - can't just sit by and hope the phone will ring!

Last weekend I was in Aspen conducting an auction for the local theatre - it was a huge success. What a beautiful town Aspen is but so much of it in these winter months is geared to skiing and I just felt that it was one more thing in my life I've never done. Never had my feet on skis. I sat at the foot of a slope and watched as people wooshed to a stop and clambered onto the gondolas again to take them to the peak - a twenty minute ride. I did go up in a gondola and had a meal in the restaurant at the top. The views on the ride are quite breathtaking - really, really spectacular, made even more so by the heavy snowfall that actually kept me in Aspen another day since it shut down the airports.

I am four pages from finishing reading Catherine the Great by Robert Massie. It's a tome, quite a slog, but full of very interesting details - a good read.

I know something else has happened but can't quite bring it to mind right now. Until next time.......


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