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Sep 12, 2013, THE DAY AFTER 9/11

Quite extraordinary to think that twelve years have passed - I remember so vividly that morning, what a beautiful September day it was and after all air traffic was shut down, the sky became bluer and bluer until it was quite a dazzling blue - and the City was oddly tranquil with people walking everywhere and families lounging in the Park.

Of course I was about three miles from downtown and although I could see the black plume of smoke, I couldn't hear the sirens or the anguish of people waiting for news.

Time, being relentless just rolls on and within a few generations, maybe even sooner, it will be like the disaster of the Titanic is for us today.

Tuesday evening I delivered a commencement address at Cooper Union to the graduates of Grace Institute - a small school for women of limited financial means. It was quite an experience to be standing in that hall and at the very podium where Lincoln delivered an important speech which was to cement his suitability to run for the presidency.

Now my TED talk is available - do please look at it - you can either see it via this website or: and if you like it, please post it to your FB page.

Life seems to be busy all of a sudden which is good.

Let's talk soon.


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