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Nov 23, 2013, DAY AFTER NOVEMBER 22nd

Finally, finally, I don't know why it's taken me so long to visit my blog - but there it is.

Yesterday, the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, brought back so many memories. Every year on November 22nd I reflect on those happenings because it was the event which marked the start of my life in the US. This year, however, it being the 50th anniversary, there has been so much in the news and on television revisiting the whole saga.

I had been in America for just two months, I was only eighteen and working in New Jersey as an au pair. I remember being glued to the television to watch, the funeral, etc. It was really, really sad and it's difficult to get my head around the fact that it was all fifty years ago - half a century has elapsed and nearly all the players in that day have also passed. It is forever etched in the heart.

So now over two months have elapsed since I've visited my blog - I don't always have so much to say but I've not been loafing about, I've been rather busy.

I have a new sponsor and have been reworking the Steps - the 4th was murder - I found it so hard but I'm forging ahead.

In early October I began a "speaking" tour - South Bend, Indiana, home to Notre Dame University was the first stop then the following weekend I flew to California and spoke in Santa Clarita at their convention. It was great, I love being in California - the only downside is that they all hug and I'm not a hugger. I announced that they could curtsy, bow, kiss the hem of my garment but no hugging! Everyone was so very amused and loads of the guys tried to curtsy!

From Santa Clarita I was driven to Santa Barbara along the coastal highway, in a 1969 red Mustang convertible with the top down - fabulous. I stayed with new friends, Ann & Brad in their beautiful home with their dog, Buddy - the most non-dog I've ever met - he was so amusing. I was with them for a week - then on the weekend Santa Barbara had its convention, another memorable experience.

From Santa Barbara I took a train and bus further up the coast to Carmel to visit with an old English girlfriend. I had the best time, we drove through Big Sur - what an incredible vista - it's amazing - it's like being in the middle of a prayer. Without a doubt it is the most beautiful meeting of land and sea I've ever seen.

A few days there, then back down to Los Angeles to speak at another huge gathering.

Came back to New York and last weekend spoke in Connecticut to 300 gathered Catholics who wanted to hear about my spiritual journey and my relationship with Mother Teresa, loved it and sold loads of books which is always very helpful.

Now that's the end of traveling for this year, except I will be going to Massachusetts in early December for retreat and won't return until January 1st. I'm simply going to completely drop out of Christmas and all the festivities this year. It feels like a major thing to do but the idea of being in silence for the season is so delicious - there will be lots of others on retreat at the same time and I have a feeling it's going to be very special. Anyway, I think Christmas comes around too soon - it feels like last Christmas was twenty-minutes ago. I think for adults it should be like the Olympics - once every four years.

Of course I've been horrified by all the natural disasters around the world, thousands uprooted and dead in the Philippines, huge and devastating winds in this country with homes completely flattened. It seems that natural disasters are happening with so much regularity - we must be doing something destructive, I think it's pretty obvious.

I was in a drug store the other day and the kid at the counter taking my money had all sorts of metal in his face and he said to me "I like your hair." I said "Well thank you very much." Whereupon he said, "It's so unusual to see that (meaning my pink) on an elderly person!" Well, I practically died. I did however burst out laughing because I realized he probably would have thought someone of thirty was "elderly."

But the truth is I am now, what the world considers "elderly." Oh dear.


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