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Today, marks thirty-seven years since my father died. Amazing. He was only sixty-four but he'd had heart problems and I think my mother finished him off with her cooking - lots of fried stuff - and of course he didn't turn it down. He was always pretty trim but there wasn't so much emphasis on died then as there is now.

It's strange, but I think of my parents often and of course wish I could have the chance to rectify some of my behavior and to ask them some more details about their lives. I can still see my father so clearly in my mind - he was so very handsome and personable - people were drawn to him - he showed an interest in others and was generous of spirit. He was the least vain, or self-centered man I've ever known. I miss him.

I've had some interesting adventures since I last entered. I spent three weeks away on a trip - a week in Ireland, six days in London and a week in Paris. It was the first time I've been away that wasn't a mission of some kind. I had a terrific time.

In Ireland I stayed with my friend Geraldine and her husband, Joe in Limerick, all Ireland is beautiful but the West is so, so beautiful. It's odd but when I'm in England, I feel I'm with my tribe, my people, I'm in the land of my birth, but in Ireland I feel an ancestral pull - a far more ancient connection.

Then in London I stayed with my friend Hannah. As soon as I arrived I went to meet with my brother and sister-in-law for lunch before they had to drive to their home in Yorkshire. Hannah came with me, it was revealing to get another person's view and perspective.

In London I did the four things I'd really wanted to do: I paid my respects at the tomb of Elizabeth I in Westminster Abbey and then toured the Abbey. I took a boat ride on the Thames. I visited and had a tour of the Houses of Parliament and the most amazing of all was a visit to Churchill's War Rooms. I thought I'd just "pop in" and see them, I ended up staying three-and-a-half hours, absolutely fascinating.

I loved being in London but I simply couldn't get over how very expensive everything is. It really put the lid forever on my fantasy of ever living there again. I could never afford it.

Then on to Paris via the Euro Star - what an experience, to get on a train in London and a few hours later to be in the center of Paris. I stayed with my friend Christine in her lovely duplex apartment with windows overlooking the Eiffel Tower. She and I hung out a lot, one day driving into the country to visit with her mother who lives in a beautiful old house in a tiny village. On the way we stopped in another small village, sat on some steps and ate our sandwiches, listening to the church bells going crazy since about five baptisms had just taken place and everyone was outside the church snapping pictures and cooing over the new Catholics.

In London, Hannah and I went to see Blythe Spirit with my friend Angela Lansbury - we went back stage and Hannah got a picture with Angela - she was thrilled to meet her since she said that Murder She Wrote, had got her through many dreary afternoons.

I was very fortunate weather-wise, it was nice for the most part and when it did get overcast or rain it really wasn't so bad.

Since I've returned to New York I've been focused lazer-like on getting a job. I'm in dire straights financially - not exactly eating cat food yet, but I see it looming. I simply have to bring in an income - Not working for five years while I recovered from all my medical issues, and having no income - is no joke. But, hey, I'm glad to be alive and I have absolute faith that something will happen.

In the meantime, I'm looking to return to the auction world. It's a whole different ball game now from the way it was in the 80's when I left but I'm not letting those thoughts deter me - just pressing forward and acting as if. I'm focusing in on my day, on my appearance, on making connections and reaching out for help. I'm installing a page on my website totally devoted to auctioning and visiting all the major auction houses to see the auctioneers.

I like the phrase: you polish it here and it shines over there.

So, I'm doing a lot of polishing and trusting the shine will emerge.


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