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How do I know I still have a very British streak? It's because I always seem to default to speaking about the weather! Here in the North-East right now it's absolutely glorious - and glorious is the right word. We've had a wonderful summer and now there is just the hint of autumn and the changing of the season. I was in the Hamptons staying with friends this weekend and Sunday I woke up at 6:30am just in time to see a bright orange orb rising out of the sea - it's been happening for billions of years but it looked so new, wonderous and breathtaking. The last time I saw the sun rising over water was in Burma a few years ago and watching it coming up out of the Irawaddy river each morning. At 8am I spoke at a meeting in Wainscott and then caught the bus back to the City to conduct the annual Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS auction in Shubert Alley. Goodness, it was fun. We raised approximately $160,000 an amazing amount especially in this economy... Speaking of the economy... Of course, like most people in America right now, I feel passionate about the upcoming election. I am most definitely in the Democratic camp. I cannot believe the Republicans would have undermined the office of the Presidency to such an extent as to endorse Sarah Palin to possibly be President one day. It's nothing less than a disgrace. Those in favor of her say they like her because they can relate to her, she's just like them. Why do the hockey mums want anyone just like them running the country? I don't want anyone just like me running the country. I want someone far more educated, more intelligent, more saavy, more qualified and more diplomatic than me to be running America - and I truly believe I'm far more qualified than Ms. Palin. How can our most cherished institutions be so trashed that we would have stooped to "winning by any means" and to even consider a Sarah Palin for the greatest office in the land? Let us not then be so shocked that the rest of the world doesn't want what we have, our Levi's yes, but not our form of government! It would seem most parents want their child to have a first-class education and to succeed in the world. But now when presented with someone who has had a first-class education and has above-average intelligence, Republicans call that elitist and demean those qualities. I'd like to know how many of those who would vote for McCain over Obama send their children to public schoos and then encourage those same children to skip a college education and become plumbers. Nothing wrong with being a plumber but let's get serious! This is the Presidency we're talking about. And then there's the abortion issue. How can anyone be FOR abortion - it's ridiculous, no one happy about being pregnant goes for an abortion. When people go to a baby shower do they suggest to the expectant mother that she could put all the darling little clothes aside and have an abortion!? And then again with all the bleating about abortion, I don't hear the same outrage regarding the Death Penalty. In Texas they keep on executing - it's like taking a number at the deli. Where are the voices of outrage about that? I've been the witness at an execution - it's the most evil, horrifying thing I've ever seen. And what's more there are no rich people on Death Row, they're all poor. Strange eh? Off to New Orleans this weekend. I'm speaking and have also asked my hosts to take me to tour the areas hit by Katrina. Another dreadful fall-out from this present administration. It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. If you are anxious about your job, your health coverage, your social security, your home or America's standing in the world, to cast a vote for McCain, (which would essentially be voting for another four years of this current administration) could easily be considered an act of total insanity. And if you are skeptical about the fact that America is in a lot of trouble - just run around your house and see if you can collect ten things - no make that five things - that you have purchased in the last five years, that are made in America. The other day I found a pair of socks made in America - I was so delighted, I didn't need socks but I purchased them in any case. And there are those who wouldn't vote for Obama because he's a man of color. Let me ask you - if your child was on the fifth floor of a burning building, would you care what color the fireman was running up the ladder to save her? Would you be standing there arguing with the Fire Chief while your child perished? I think not. Well America, our house is on fire and voting for the McCain ticket would be like throwing gasoline on the flames!


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