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Well here it is the end of May already and so, so much has transpired.

First of all, being English, I like to address the weather, it seemed that winter just hung on and on, it wasn't as though it were cold, it was just miserable, overcast and rained a lot. But the good news is, because of all that rain Central Park looks spectacular, really lush.

I traveled to England at the end of April to be there for the Royal Wedding. I was just one of the thousands standing on the Mall but it was so wonderful to be there, the last royal occasion I attended was Princess Margaret's wedding in the early '60's. It was a spectacular day weather-wise and no one does pageantry quite as well as the British, the whole thing was really wonderful but I was struck by the thought that as the newly weds rode back from the Abbey in their open carriage and Prince William saw the crowds so happily cheering for them, it was probably the first time it really registered on him that he was a future King of England.

I was with my friend Hannah and as the crowd surged forward towards Buckingham Palace, we were able to get very close were able to easily see them when they appeared on the balcony.

A few days later, at great peril to the British public and to myself, I rented a car and driving on the left-hand-side of the road, motored all the way across England and Wales to meet with my sister Helen who hadn't spoken to me in over twelve years.

I was so determined to see her, I had such a longing for my sister and never knew what had caused her to cut me out of her life. It was an incredible reunion, she couldn't believe that I'd driven all that way just to see her. We talked and talked and cleared away old misconceptions and it was as though we just picked up again but in a new and clearer and more honest way.

She lives in a an old stone cottage in a tiny village in Western Wales and has, what I consider to be a lovely life. She lives with her husband Howard, a terrific guy - one of those types who can do anything in the house and who obviously adores her - and they have some acreage of fields and some chickens, ducks, pigs, a few sheep and a cow - all in the most beautiful countryside. I absolutely loved being there and feel that I could drop into her life very easily. Maybe it would drive me crazy after a short while but she's certainly very happy and it was good to see and such a blessing to have my sister back in my life.

I then got back to London where I was staying right in Soho as the guest of my friend Hannah - we'd spoken on the phone many times but hadn't actually seen each other in years so it was good to have some major time together although I started to get sick - I thought it was allergies because the pollen in London was very high, but then I flew to Venice and developed a bad cough.

Venice was fun but so, so crowded, I could have done without it and I was plunged into a bit of a depression because I lost my camera there with all the great pictures of my sister and the wedding and Venice on it. Oh well!

Then with the friends I met up with we all boarded the Norwegian Jade, a cruise ship going from Venice to some of the Green islands, Corfu, Santorini, Mikonos and Olympia. I got sicker and sicker and my cough was dreadful - I felt so sorry for my room mate Cordelia. Finally I went to the doctor on board to discover that I had acute bronchitis, I was put on antibiotics and kept in the infirmary for one night. There was talk about airlifting me off but I refused.

I had a nice time but it was certainly colored by the fact that I felt ill and couldn't join in any of the evening activities because I was so done-in from coughing.

When I arrived home a week ago, I went to see my doctor and was put on stronger drugs to knock the infection out. But I discovered that I'm not alone, apparently so many people have this and are coughing, coughing. One friend told me she cracked a rib she was coughing so much.

I've come home to a rather nice time. Have cleared up some old disturbing business relationship-wise on a couple of fronts. My hope and wish for myself is that I can live as true to myself as possible and therefore be true in the world.

Have some interesting speaking invitations which I'll be posting soon on my website.

This weekend is Memorial Day and this afternoon Cordelia and I went to the West Side to see the Intrepid because it's Fleet Week here in the City and all the ships are in dock. Lots and lots of sailors and marines everywhere.

Talk soon.


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