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Jul 7, 2011, HEART ISSUES

It seems that the bronchitis I caught on my European trip was far worse than it had originally seemed. Since I've been home I've had a lot of trouble with my heart. I'm finding walking up a short flight of stairs a great strain and even walking on the flat can cause me to gasp for breath. Apparently, I got a heart infection. Naturally, I'm under the constant care of the cardiologist and have acupuncture weekly. I certainly hope it improves but it's never going to be the way it was. Oh well, that's life! At least I'm still here and I've booked a marvelous trip for myself in mid-August. I'm going on a bus tour of the American West. Have always wanted to see the great red deserts and mesas and the huge skies. I've been saying for years I want to go, and this year I'm finally doing it.

It will not only begin the day after my birthday but that date will be two days after I mark thirty-five years of sobriety!!!! Can hardly believe it - it's a lifetime.

Two weeks ago, I went with a friend to Sag Harbor in the Hamptons and we went by helicopter! She was having back problems and didn't want to drive so going by helicopter was just dandy with me! I loved it, and because it was a tad foggy we flew very low so were able to see all the great estates and farms and the horror of all those stuck on the LIE. I could get very used to that mode of transportation.

Of course we've just celebrated July 4th. Watched the fireworks from a friend's apartment on the 41st floor overlooking the Hudson River. It just hit me that the Declaration of Independence was not the end but the beginning of the struggle.

Thanks for all your e-mails.



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