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Aug 15, 2011, Out of ICU!

Great News! Lorna is finally out of ICU! She has been moved to rehab (not with Lindsay Lohan). It's a very nice floor, and it's a relief to see her in a more uplifted environment and out of the intensity of ICU. It has a cheering affect and makes it palpably clear that she is healing.

She is also wearing her own clothes and is out of those awful hospital gowns, which most of us know are so demoralizing. Her room mate Lois is a great match for Lorna. A retiree from the NYC police force, she too has a commanding presence and her share of character and humor. Lorna says they are a help to each other. And I can confirm that she's a lot of fun.

On the down side, since Friday Lorna has developed a distressing symptom. She describes it as a crippling spasm that starts under her arm at the site of an old surgery, and radiates across her bust in a gripping attack of pain. It is nerve pain and so probably indicates that she is healing at the incision site. Still it is miserable for her. It comes on quite suddenly and causes her to jerk forward. Lois says it looks like she is getting tazored (sp?). And Lois would know after all. She was on the force.

Nevertheless, the news is mostly good from the rehab floor. She has physical rehabilitation for over an hour each day. She says she feels like she has climbed Everest after each session, but she is making progress. Unless the pain spasms have not cleared up, she expects to be released after a total of nine days, which means only one more week to go.

More in a day or so.


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