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If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Healthwise it seems that I take three steps forward and two-and-a-half-back but I'm inching along even though my energy is zilch, I force myself to get out and do stuff.

A few weeks ago I was at my cardiologists for a check-up and to see if the battery in the defibrillator was good, etc. She discovered that after the surgery, it hadn't been turned back on - l she went ballistic. I'm fortunate considering I had major surgery and the device I rely on to jump-start my heart should it go into failure mode, wasn't even on! Oh well!

The other evening I had my first foray back to "earning money" and conducted a small but very interesting auction on Long Island at a magnificent golf club: The Creek, set right on the Long Island Sound.

This coming Sunday I do the big Broadway Cares auction but this year it's been moved directly into Times Square - it's outdoors so there should be thousands of people. Fortunately I will have help - I just couldn't do the whole thing myself and this is an easy transition allowing me to hand over the reins after doing it for twenty-four years.

Then Monday - at the crack of dawn - I get on a bus and go to Massachusetts to sit for ten days. It's a real privilege that I've been allowed to enter the 3-month retreat for such a limited time - I'm so, so grateful.

I return from there, will be in NY one day before flying down to Jacksonville, Florida to conduct a retreat myself. It won't be silent but it will be quiet and a lot of the structure has already been set in place. If you're interested in attending, go to my website under Events for details - I think actually it's full with a waiting list, but things always change at the last minute so you never know.

It's incredibly hot today - and rainy, ideal Amazon Jungle weather, not at all comfortable.

Well that's if for now. Thank you for your continued good wishes and notes - I send good wishes to all of you too.


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