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Jan 26, 2012, Merry Christmas and a Political Update

Well Happy New Year on two counts: the Western hemisphere's new year and the Chinese year of the Dragon - supposedly very auspicious. The last time I entered on this site I was looking forward to visiting my cousins in Canada for Christmas and the New Year. It was great. I did practically nothing: just sat around, chatted, ate, went to the movies and generally caught up on family news. What a huge branch of my family it is - all my cousins have grandchildren and some of those grandchildren have children so there were people, people, people - very different from my usual life. I really can't talk about current events going on here in these United States - the sorry group that's trying to win the Republican nomination - I believe Obama will win a second term and quite frankly I'm happy about it. I believe he's doing a fantastic job and those childish, ridiculous Republicans have refused him at every turn just to try and make him look bad - they couldn't care-a-less about the country, they just want to win. When he even puts through proposals put forth by their beloved George Bush, Jr. they refuse. What I really want to know is that Gingrich keeps on saying how everyone makes mistakes and he has asked God for forgiveness, has he asked Bill Clinton or his two previous wives for forgiveness? Has he made amends to those people he so viciously harmed? He was carrying on an affair while he was trying to impeach Bill Clinton for having one! I thought Obama's State of the Union address last night was the beginning of what seems to promise to be a rather dirty campaign. I'm off to Arkansas this weekend - should be interesting!! I believe the chicken is Arkansas's state bird. Nothing much else going on - I'm having half-a-dozen lady friends over to my apartment on February 10th for Tarot readings - I met a woman when I was in hospital and she's coming to do the readings and we'll just have a good get-together. The weather is really odd. We've had a few bitter days but mostly it's very mild. We still have a lot of winter left but as usual, it's great to see the sun setting later each day.


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