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Mar 20, 2012, Raising Money for Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS

It simply cannot be since January that I last entered! I can't believe it. I've entered a few things on my Facebook page so I guess I thought I was up-to-date.

Lots and lots going on. Right now I'm going nuts booking multi-destination flights for Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Jose, St. Louis, West Palm Beach - it's crazy. I need a secretary.

My favorite topic: the weather. It's amazingly warm here - we're having summer temperatures and although it's really nice, it's a tad freaky with everything in full bloom way ahead of the usual time. And what with daylight savings going into effect two weeks ago, it really does feel like summer in the middle of March. Most often we're up to our you-know-whats in snow this time of year.

I had cataract surgery on my right eye and it's made such a fantastic difference. I can read without glasses and very clearly - I'm still going to need a little extra help with distance but even that is so much better. It was terrible when I first got it done and I looked at myself in the mirror - everything: lines in the face, hairs and all the aging horrors were amplified - I remember looking at myself in the mirror when I was on ACID and what a nightmare that was. Same thing. I often wondered why I wasn't questioned when I told the cinema people and bus drivers, etc. that I was a senior citizen and they didn't question it. Now I know why.

Lots of speaking engagements coming up as well as other interesting recovery related events and auctions. But of course, the most exciting for me is the planned trip to England in May. I must say I think the Queen is looking terrific these days. I love that she's gone into bright or soft colors and she seems to be genuinely happy.

Last weekend I did the Teddy Bears auction for Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS - they were aiming to raise $150,000 but we raised $197,000 so of course everyone was delighted especially since it's the last one - no more bears. There was kind of a nostalgia about it all and I've never had so many people say they love me - quite a high. One fellow offered $5,000 to have lunch with me - I said that I didn't come that inexpensively, so he raised it to $6,000 - I accepted. Didn't want to push my luck.

The only regret about my schedule is that I don't seem to be able to fit in a retreat. Even though my practice is firmly entrenched in my life - it's necessary I believe, to get a recharge on a regular basis. Oh well, nothing stays the same and that's the major part of practice.

I will definitely enter again before launching on all these trips.


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