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Jul 6, 2012, Healing my Knee

The reason it's taken me so long to enter this time is that so much has transpired which has caused me to be very "down-in-the-dumps."

But first-things-first - two days ago on the Fourth I spent the day and evening with my friend Sharon who lives in Weehawken, NJ so when it got dark we were able to just stroll to the walkway along the Hudson and watch the fantastic fireworks display - it's always amazing. And that evening we had watched the movie 1776, about the signing of the Declaration of Independence - really interesting: how cantankerous the congress was, they had a difficult time all agreeing to break from Britain. Not much has changed

When I last entered on this site in May I was so looking forward to my upcoming trip to England mainly for the Jubilee celebrations. The first part of the trip I was to travel with my friend Julie to Devon stopping at various inns along the way. Three days into the trip, we were in Torquay and strolling along on a beautiful English summer evening when I misjudged a curb and stepped out into the air and went down on my left knee.

I couldn't move so an ambulance came and took me to a hospital in Barnstable where X-rays were taken and I was told I hadn't broken anything, it was just badly bruised but would heal in about three days. So Julie and I left the hospital - me in terrible pain. We had great difficulty getting back to the Inn which was right on Exmoor so it was pitch black everywhere - took us ages!

My pain greatly curbed our plans and a few days later I headed back to London and the next day got on a train for Yorkshire to meet up with another friend - she and I had planned to travel to the Lake District for hiking. Well the pain didn't abate even though I was exercising and icing it.

A week after the fall, I received a call from the hospital in Devon saying that they had re-examined my X-rays and indeed they could see that I had fractured my knee - no wonder it was so painful. I had been doing exactly what I shouldn't have been doing - probably doing more damage.

I called my brother who lives nearby in Yorkshire and he came to collect me and take me to his house for a few days. Eventually, I got back to London and then onto New York. It was all dreadful - all my plans for the Jubilee had to be scrapped.

Ever since I've return on June 5th, I've spent a lot of time in my apartment off my leg. I was going postal, even though friends came by it was still madly isolating. Last weekend I spent with friends in the Hamptons which was a wonderful tonic. And a couple of weeks ago I traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida to speak and then stayed on for a few days because a very kind soul gave me the use of her condo which was fabulous.

I've started physical therapy which is tough, seems to make it more painful but I'm told it is getting better. I'm using a cane and probably will have to for at least another three weeks.

It's all such a bore, I'm so distressed at having all the assaults on my body. I never have small things like a broken finger nail, it's always something major which lays me up. Some people go through their entire lives without any major injuries - what must that be like!

So bloody hot here in NY - supposed to be over 100 degrees tomorrow!


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