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Aug 6, 2013, AT LAST!!

You've probably all been wondering what on earth has happened to me since I last wrote.

Well the truth is that I have been working on a TED talk which I gave this past Sunday here in New York. There were thirteen speakers and each one got eighteen minutes. My topic was "Taking Risks" and although I'm a very confident speaker and have been doing it for years, this was something totally different. It had to be engaging, professional and with no umm's - not easy.

It was so important for me because from now on - regarding getting work - I can always say that I gave a TED talk. I was very happy with my delivery, everyone said it was good, but of course I wasn't satisfied with the way I looked - a I went for "classic" but ended up looking a tad middle-aged. I am middle-aged but would have been happy if I'd looked a bit more dashing. I didn't take my own advise and "risk."

But thank god it's behind me. I feel that my life was on total hold. All I did was practice this talk and I kept on altering it. I had to learn it like a piece of poetry and then one can feel completely casual and confident and improvise.

I did feel a bit bereft about not being in England this summer. I had so much wanted to go and this was the year to be there what with all the Royal goings on and the glorious weather. There is simply nothing to equal an English summer especially the long Shakespearean evenings - they're hauntingly beautiful. Oh well, maybe next year.

I did get to go out to Long Island for a few days and then I went to stay with a friend on Martha's Vineyard. It was my first time there - of course have heard about it for years - and I was totally hooked - nothing like having a dozen clams for breakfast freshly caught, and it didn't hurt that my friend lives on a glorious spot with ravishing views. We went one evening into Ocean Bluff and rode a "Catch the Brass Ring" carousel." Now, I've heard that phrase forever and knew it had something to do with carousels but couldn't figure out how it all worked.

Well after I'd ridden on it, I was delighted to finally understand and was hopping up-and-down like an eight-year-old with delight. I know that reference is somewhere in the AA literature but don't know where - it's not in the main books, but it is somewhere. When I left the island, my friend gave me a lovely string bracelet with a brass ring etched with the phrase "Catch the Brass Ring." Of course I am thrilled.

Next week I'm going to Michigan for a week - it's not England but beautiful nevertheless. Then the Fall will be upon us - it's all moving soooo fast.

At the moment I'm still desperately looking for some sort of employment - I really need to be bringing in some $$'s - right now it's all going out.

Hope to not leave it so long next time.


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