About Lorna: Benefit Auctioneer Testimonials

Lorna Kelly believes that each auction should be a special occasion. Over the years Lorna has conducted hundreds of fine arts and charity auctions - and made millions of dollars for her clients in the process.

Please review the list of testimonials below, and consider how benefit auctioneer Lorna Kelly can make your benefit gala a financial and social success.

“Lorna Kelly is MAGIC!” She encourages bidders in a seductive way that makes them feel privileged to be a part of the event, and the auction becomes an exhilarating experience.”
     Dr. Thomas Stretton
     Cabrini College, PA

“You haven’t been to an auction until you’ve seen auctioneer, Lorna Kelly, conduct a sale.”
     Camera Arts

“In a neighborhood full of individuals who are acknowledged as “the best” and “the one and only” in their fields, there is no doubt in our minds that when it comes to auctioneers, you are just such a star.” I am convinced that without your specific expertise as an auctioneer and special charisma at the podium, The Grand Auction would not be the financial success it is for BC/EFA year after year.”
     Tom Viola
     Executive Director – Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS

Broadway Bears Benefit Auction with Lorna Kelly, Scott Stevens and Bryan Batt
Scott Stevens, Lorna Kelly and Bryan Batt at the 2012 Broadway Bears auction

The Broadway Bears Benefit Auctions have been a huge success for the charity organization Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. As with any theatre production, 15 years is an exceptionally good run, and Lorna Kelly was instrumental for this fun and unusual benefit auction. To see more about the history of Broadway Bears Benefit Auctions with Lorna Kelly, click here.

“Miss Kelly did a superb job and impressed all of us with her skill, knowledge and ability to conduct a sale. We are all convinced that had it not been for her services, the total result would have been much smaller.”
     Harold P. Stern
     Director Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

“My fine arts fantasy is to be locked in the Victoria & Albert Museum with Lorna Kelly.”
     Ivan Lyons
     Author, Someone is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe

“…I loved the way you were able to keep the auction light and breezy, which continually reminding the audience about the “cause” they were supporting. From all reports, you were a smash hit!”
     Howard Goldberg
     AIDS Center of Queens County

“The auction was a huge success, raising more money than I had ever imagined. It seems everyone in the room was united, participating in something magical.”
     Lee Raines

“You were marvelous at the auction – you are so skilled at what you do and that ability is enhanced by your being a genuinely nice human being.
     Arthur Caliandro
     Marble Collegiate Church

“It’s not easy to conduct a serious sale with a finely tuned sense of humor and maintain order all at the same time. Lorna Kelly brings great energy and flair into the room.”
     Lee Gwynne Mestres
     Gwynne Gallery II, Tahoe City, CA

“ You were the talk of the town, not to mention what a great success you and your talent brought to the event.”
     Deborah Jordy
     Denver Art Museum

Your professionalism, your wit and your grace under pressure were wonderful to watch. And the results matched your efforts. We raised more money at this auction then ever before.
     Philip McGee
     St. Anthony High School, New Jersey

“I must say that your auctioneer, Lorna Kelly, was the highlight of the afternoon. Her skill, charm, and demeanor commanded amazing prices, many of which far exceeded the actual value of the pieces. This is the sign of a true talent.”
     Scot W. Myers

Charity auctioneer Lorna Kelly has raised Millions of Dollars for Broadway Cares - Equity Fights AIDS in New York auctions
Conducting "Broadway Cares"
auction in
Shubert Alley, NYC
  Lorna Kelly charity auctioneer: auctioning a necklace worn by Princess Diana Spencer
Auctioning a necklace
worn by Princess Diana
at Christies, London.

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