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Aug 2, 2011, Lorna update from Joe Argazzi

Hello all.

As you know today was "the day". We arrived at NYU about 1:00PM and then whisked her away to the operating room at 3:00. I am happy to report that prayers were answered as they returned her to us at 7:30 this evening, renewed!

The operation went beautifully. I was allowed to see her at 9:00 this evening in the ICU. As you might imagine she was completely out. The doctor said she will be sedated through the rest of the night and that Lorna will stay in the ICU tomorrow and most likely transfer her to another room on Thursday or Friday. I will certainly keep you informed, so make sure to check back.

Because she is in the ICU, they will allow me to see her tomorrow from 11:00 to 11:15! I promise to give a full report after my visit. The number to call after tomorrow to find out where she will be staying in the hospital is 212 263-1999. Please continue to hold her in your prayers. If need be, you can reach me on my mobile at 310 993-0868. Joe Argazzi


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