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Nov 26, 2011, NOVEMBER 2011

Here it is the end of November and yet it is so warm, in the high '60's today and expected to be the same tomorrow. Of course winter weather will eventually arrive but these mild days certainly cut into the seemingly endless cold.

Through most of September and October I was feeling a heightened sense of loneliness. I tried to fill my time but my health was a factor. Now, however, from the very beginning of November, it seems that feeling has abated - there's a lot going on and I'm able to accept speaking invitations again.

In my last entry I spoke about going to England in May to lead a retreat - that is not going to happen, the organization couldn't meet my expenses which is quite understandable in this economy. I am, however, still planning to be in England to celebrate the Jubilee and to visit friends.

A great gift has fallen into my life: a newcomer. It's a long, long time since I've worked with someone who is brand new. These days I usually work with those who have time and are struggling with a particular issue. I think for someone young and new I must appear to be in another stratosphere. But it's delightful - she really, really wants it so it's a pleasure to pass on the gift into willing, outstretched and grateful hands.

Thanksgiving was gratifying. Myself and my newcomer worked at a local 12-Step center with other members and fed about a thousand people. It was a satisfying day. We then went to see Puss & Boots! I love animation and this particular movie is great! Actually, truth-be-told, this was my second time seeing it!


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